About Me

Little Leaf and me on one of our many adventures

Born, raised, and rooted in the GREAT state of Michigan, I’ve grown up with a plethora of outdoor opportunities. It has been an honor to share my love of the outdoors and nature with my “Crew”: my 7 year old adventure partner, Cheeky Monkey, and my 15 month old joey, Little Leaf. As a working mom, I’m constantly trying to find balance, clarity, and TIME. It’s never easy and I have far from mastered any of them.

Being outdoors is where I feel the most at “home” and is a constant inspiration to me. As a child I found solace and comfort in the outdoors. The rustling of leaves and babbling of the creek was my childhood soundtrack. And the feeling of the wind in my hair and the smell of fall are still delightfully haunting, decades later.

I started Wild Little Ramblings after a few weeks of focusing on being more present in my life. I found that gentle saunters with Little Leaf on my back gave me a meditative experience, opening me up to new ideas, new connections, and a special closeness to the Earth, myself, and my Crew. After sharing some of my musings on Instagram, some encouragement by a few loved ones, and a 3AM party session with Little Leaf, Wild Little Ramblings was born. I can’t wait to see how she grows.

Cheeky Monkey is my ball of energy and my source of laughter

The Switchback

Cheeky Monkey and I founded Hike it Baby Ann Arbor in October, 2014, which gives me a platform for sharing my passion for the great outdoors with children and families. Thanks to the skills I learned as a community organizer for Hike it Baby, and my love for politics and adventure, I ran and got elected as Pittsfield Township Park Commissioner in November 2018.

When I’m not on the trails, I enjoy kayaking, traveling, politics, bad reality TV, camping, and watching Cheeky Monkey play ALL of the sports. Our family goal is to visit at least one National Park every year.